Switch Wild I


Innovative guitar from the mid-2000’s with great sound and playability…



The Switch Wild I Vibracell guitar features a high output humbucker with a coil tap switch, volume and tone controls, fixed bridge, Grover tuners, black hardware a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and a 24.75″ scale length.

Switch guitars are made from a patented material and technology called Vibracell which is, in their own words:

… a patented process of completely molding both electric and bass guitars including the neck and headstock, from the patented Switch Vibracell material creating an instrument with precise harmonic resonance and sound frequency. Vibracell allows the entire instrument to be created as a whole with complete control of neck, body weight and density by controlling the internal cells. With the ability to control the cells we can effectively tune the body and neck to exceed the characteristics and response of those instruments made from the best available woods in the world. Additionally, Vibracell has the pure strength to withstand extreme temperature changes that affect traditional wooden bodies and necks.

The ability to control the cells density allows the neck to be formed with the body as one piece. Vibracell allows a true one piece neck-through design that eliminates the gluing of two half bodies to the neck. The one piece neck-thru body approach allows for energy to be transmitted through the entire body not only with extreme efficiency, but at a higher rate of speed ultimately delivering pure sustain and clarity.

What this comes down to in practical terms is that this guitar is well balanced, easy to play and sounds fantastic. The coil tap is very effective and gives a versatility similar to having two pickups. Sustain is great and pinch harmonics are very controllable – a great all round guitar!