Silver P90 dogear pickup height adjustment shims


MGP Guitars P90 pickup height shims/spacers in a selection of thicknesses to enable you to find exactly the right height to give you the sound you want.

Now available in silver! Important information regarding colour.

Also available in black or white. For availability of other colours please contact us.

Buy 4 or more and pay just £6 each!

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1mm (#785) £7.50
2mm (#786) £7.50
3mm (#787) £7.50
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P90 pickups, although single coil pickups, offer a tone that many describe as being half way between the clean, crisp twang of a Fender style single coil and the smoother darker midrange focus of a humbucker. P90’s have been manufactured by Gibson since 1946,  and although having fallen from favour in the late 60’s and early 70’s regained popularity in the mid-70’s and remain popular to this day with many manufacturers offering P90’s alongside their standard single coil and humbucker models.

P90’s are available in three configurations – soapbar, dogear and a humbucker sized casing. While the models using the soapbar and humbucker case support height adjustament similar to single coils and humbuckers, dogear pickups mount directly to the guitar body and so are at a fixed height. The individual pole pieces can be adjusted for height but this is only meant to be used to eliminate volume differences between strings and can affect the sound of the guitar if raised too high. (Raised pole pieces will tend to produce a brighter tone whereas raising the entire pickup moves the tone more towards a humbucker sound).

As the P90 dogear pickups are not height adjustable, many players raise the pole pieces instead and end up being unhappy with the resulting tonal changes, and in extreme cases even getting strings caught on the raised poles while playing.

The easy solution to this problem is to install shims or spacers between the pickup and the guitar body to raise the entire pickup up to the desired height. That’s why MGP Guitars supplies P90 pickup height shims in a selection of thicknesses to enable you to find exactly the right height to give you the sound you want.

These 3D printed shims come in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm which, by using them in combination, allows you to set your pickup height in 1mm increments. MGP Guitars P90 shims are designed to fit Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Wildkat pickups, although they should fit dogear P90’s from most other manufacturers. Please check  your pickup dimensions against the diagram below before ordering and if they are different please contact us as we are able make shims to suit your pickups.


Please note:

Although every effort is made to ensure a consistent supply of material to print these shims, different manufacturers and even different batches from the same manufacturer can result in slightly different shades of silver. Due to this, there is no guarantee that shims you buy now will be exactly the same colour as the ones you may buy in the future. Any order for multiple shims will always be printed from the same batch of material.

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1mm, 2mm, 3mm