Schecter Diamond Series 006 Deluxe


Upgraded with EMG 81/85 pickups.

Some cosmetic flaws – see photos.

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A lovely Schecter Diamond Series 006 Deluxe in a translucent deep red colour, which came in without pickups and looking a little the worse for wear.

Not much could be done about the cosmetic flaws but the lack of pickups was sorted out by installing a set of EMG active pickups – the popular EMG 81 & EMG 85 combination. The battery box for the active pickups was fitted into the control cavity and mounted to the cavity cover to avoid having to make modifications to the body itself to contain it.

A previous owner had placed two diagonal stripes of tape across the corner of the guitar. As a result of this, the satin finish around where the tape was has been polished through “arm wear” to a gloss but the areas that were underneath the tape are still satin which can be seen under certain light (although unfortunately it’s very hard to photograph).

All in all a great guitar and a pleasure to play.