MGP Guitars Zebra wood telecaster


A striking looking one of a kind telecaster style guitar with beautiful satin finish and gold hardware.


A striking looking Zebra wood tele style guitar with a beautiful satin finish, high quality gold hardware and a maple neck.

The bridge is made by Wilkinson and features brass saddles for better sustain. The bridge pickup is a Tonerider Hot Classic which is matched with a Tonerider Rebel 90 – a P90 in a humbucker sized case – in the neck position. At the other end of the guitar the strings are anchored by Sperzel type locking tuners and roller string trees.

The body is made from an engineered composite wood derived from several different species of tree which is very stable and provides a lovely warm but resonant tone. This is married with a maple neck finished in a high gloss amber tint.

An Oak Grigsby 3 way switch, CTS volume pot and CTS no load tone pot with Sprague 0.22uf Orange Drop capacitor complete the electrics.

With the P90 neck pickup and a classic tele bridge pickup this guitar has an extensive tonal palette. The bridge pickup has all the tele twang you would expect but is hot enough for blistering solo work and the P90 in the neck adds in smooth but powerful tone – turn the tone control up to 10 for the “no load” position and there’s a nice sparkle added. In the middle position the pickups balance well to give a full sound with tight bottom end and clearly defined highs.

All in all a very versatile guitar that looks as good as it sounds and is well suited for blues, country or classic rock.