MGP Guitars Neck Bolt Upgrade


This neck bolt upgrade helps with tuning stability, resonance and sustain by ensuring a tight, worry free connection between guitar body and neck.


The MGP Guitars Neck Bolt Upgrade consists of four domed head countersunk machine bolts used to replace the standard neck screws, and four threaded inserts which will be installed into the back of the neck. This ensures a consistent, worry free, tight connection between the neck and the guitar while also helping with tuning stability and potentially adding more resonance and sustain. It can be used to repair a neck with stripped screws, to improve your guitar or for new builds. The MGP Guitars Neck Bolt Upgrade is especially useful if you travel and frequently have to remove the neck of the guitar while in transit – no matter how many times you take the neck off and put it back on, the threads will not wear out and the neck will still tighten up to the body properly.