M9 Stompbox Modeler


The Line 6 M9 is an amazing multi-effects unit, containing models of over 100 classic stomp boxes.



The Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler features 3 FX effects units each capable of loading two stompbox models at once – one in use and one on tap, or both muted and all three FX units can be on simultaneously.

After setting up the 3 FX units to your liking, this arrangement or “Scene” can be saved for future recall. In all 24 scenes can be saved – just like having 24 different pedalboards to choose from.

There’s also a 28 second looper, a tuner, 2 expression pedal inputs, mono or stereo in/out, MIDI in/out, and a choice of true analog or DSP bypass.

This Line 6 M9 Modeler comes as new, unused in the original box with manuals.


19 Delays – Digital Delay, Analog Echo, Analog w/ Mod, Tape Echo, Tape Echo Dry Thru, Multi-Head, Sweep Echo, Sweep Echo Dry Thru, Reverse, Tube Echo, Tube Echo Dry Thru, Lo Res Delay, Digital Delay w/ Mod, Stereo Delay, Ping Pong, Dynamic Delay, Auto-Volume Delay, Echo Platter, Echo Platter Dry Thru

23 Modulations – Opto Tremolo, Bias Tremolo, Phaser, Dual Phaser, Panned Phaser, U-Vibe, Analog Flange, Jet Flanger, Analog Chorus, Pitch Vibrato, Panner, Rotary Drum, Rotary Drum/Horn, Dimension, Ring Modulator, Barber Pole Phaser, Frequency Shifter, Script Phase, AC Flanger, 80A Flanger, Pattern Tremolo

17 Distortions – Tube Drive, Screamer, Overdrive, Classic Distortion, Heavy Distortion, Colordrive, Buzz Saw, Facial Saw, Jumbo Fuzz, Fuzz Pi, Jet Fuzz, Line 6 Drive, Line 6 Distortion, Sub Octave Fuzz, Octave Fuzz, Boost Comp, Bass Octaver

12 Compressors and EQs – Red Comp, Blue Comp, Blue Comp Treb, Vetta Comp, Vetta Juice, Tube Comp, Noise Gate, Graphic EQ, Studio EQ, Parametric EQ, 4 Band Shift EQ, Mid Focus EQ

26 Filters – Tron Up, Tron Down, Seeker, Obi Wah, Voice Box, V Tron, Throbber, Spin Cycle, Comet Trails, Slow Filter, Octisynth, Synth-O-Matic, Attack Synth, Synth String, Growler, Q Filter, Vetta Wah, Fassel, Weeper, Chrome, Chrome Custom, Throaty, Conductor, Colorful, Smart Harmony, Pitch Glide

12 Reverbs – ’63 Spring, Lux Spring Reverb, Vintage Plate Reverb, Room, Chamber, Hall, Ducking, Octo, Cave, Tile, Echo, Particle Verb