Epiphone G400 Pro SG with Seymour Duncan pickups


A beautiful Epiphone G400 SG in cherry red, complete with upgraded hardware and Seymour Duncan pickups.



The Gibson SG is one of the most iconic and easily recognisable guitars to be found throughout the history of rock music. This Epiphone G400 Pro, made in Korea in 2000, is a Gibson authorised tribute to the the original SG and comes in a beautiful cherry finish.

The guitar had already had some upgrades when it was came in – in the form of Sperzel style locking tuners and a Duncan Distortion in the bridge position. Unfortunately though, it had some minor damage to the finish and it had been broken by the output jack.

Fortunately the finish damage could be polished out and the break was not bad and could be easily repaired. A stainless steel washer was added to strengthen the repair and make sure it won’t be damaged again.

The Duncan Distortion in the bridge position was matched by the addition of a Duncan Designed HB103N in the neck. The guitar has been re-wired with all new pots including two push-push pots on the tone controls to enable independent coil splitting on each pickup. (We believe that push-push pots are more practical than push-pull as you don’t have to try and grab the tone knob with sweaty fingers to split the coils)

To complete the refurbishment, the frets were levelled, crowned and polished, the action adjusted and the intonation set.

The guitar comes with a Stagg hard case which, although it has definitely seen some use, is in good shape and will protect the guitar nicely.

All in all a highly desirable guitar which sounds as good as it looks.