David Gilmour style strat


An homage to Gilmour’s famous black strat…



This partscaster guitar re-creates the ethos of David Gilmour’s iconic black strat.

Over the last 40 years, the original black strat has been through many incarnations – sporting a white and then a black pickguard and a variety of different pickups.

This version features a black pickguard, maple neck, shortened tremolo arm and a mini-toggle switch mounted in the pickguard to give added pickup combinations – neck and bridge together or all three pickups at once. The toggle switch is mounted beneath the scratchplate by a stainless steel bracket, the selector switch is a heavy duty US made CRL 5 way, pots are 250K CTS audio taper with a 0.047uf Sprague Orange Drop capacitor and it’s all wired with US made vintage cloth coverd wire.

Although this is not a genuine Fender guitar, it is well set up with easy action, plays exceptionally well, looks the part and costs a fraction of what a custom shop guitar would.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a Fender guitar. A previous owner has applied Fender decals to the headstock and lacquered over them but they are obviously not authentic.