1976 Fender Pro Reverb


Rare 1976 Fender Pro Reverb, 45 watts into 2 x 12″ speakers all valve amp with pull boost on the master volume.

Original 110 volt model with stepdown transformer included.


A rare 1976 Fender Pro Reverb silverface amp – this particular model was only in production for 3 years, from 1974 to 1976.

The Pro Reverb has a similar tonal range to the better known Twin Reverb and has the same 2 x 12″ configuration but has a valve rectifier and a more manageable 45 watts of power although it is still capable of playing medium to large gigs. This amp was originally sold in Canada and runs on 110 volts which is why it comes with a stepdown transformer included. The transformer plugs into UK mains and the amp is then plugged into the transformer to enable it to run at 110v.

At lower volumes it produces the classic Fender clean sounds as expected but turn it up and it starts to compress slightly and offer up warm distortion. It also reacts very well to pedals.

The Pro Reverb sports 2 channels, Normal and Vibrato, with a “Bright” switch on each alongside Volume, Treble and Bass controls. The Vibrato channel also features vibrato speed and intensity and reverb controls. The control section is finished off with a Master volume which has a pull boost for more breakup and distortion.

The original speakers have been replaced by a Yamaha JA311 and a Fender Jensen Special Design and sound great!

Since the amp was last serviced it has only been used a couple of times and it is in perfect working order.

Cosmetically it has a couple of small tears in the grillcloth and a couple in the tolex (please see photos) but otherwise is in good condition for a 43 year old amp.

Please note: due to weight, and because it contains breakable parts, shipping is not offered.

Collection only from Saffron Walden or meet within 20 mile radius.