The Party’s Over

8 April, 2024

audio:erosion is happy to announce the release of The Party’s Over – a song about the inevitable end of a relationship that never really was…

I can picture myself charging past ol’ Sacramento, heading North on I-5, at around 4 AM–it’s raining.  

Driver window cracks open, to allow the smoke from the filterless Camel to escape the mighty T-Bird.  

“The Party’s Over” has me speeding, my heart is beating, other concerns are fleeting–I am listening!    

I’m thinking of my bad choices… They happen, I confess.   

The tune is on high-rotation on the only station that sounds clear; adrenaline’s pumping, & I’m grateful.  

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Prez, Victoria, BC, Canada
Listen to a short clip:

or watch the video here

Words and music by Martin Pallett, featuring Alex Tsentides on bass guitar.

The Party’s Over is available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon and many more…